Beauty That Must Be Shared

Evensong Place started in 2013 with the vision of creating a place in uniqueness, charm, originality, beauty, imagination, wonder and tranquility. It is a piece of heaven with limitless beauty that lifts your spirits and allows you to surrender to the tranquil and peacefulness I call Evensong Place.

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am a mom, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend, animal lover, laughter seeker. I have 2 beautiful daughters that I am so deeply proud of, 3 very silly dachsunds and 4 adorable ponies that live here at Evensong Place. My hobbies and interests are beautiful things, creating beautiful spaces, gardening, horses, seeing and making people laugh, laughing so hard it hurts, cooking, traveling, acquiring fun and unique knick knack paddywhack things, watching independent films and documentaries, photography, hiking, nature, good friends and good people and yummy, delicious birthday and cupcakes!!

Having been a California native for over 40 years, I decided in 2011 that it was time to make a change. Colorado is where I headed. I originally started out in the Interior Design field and worked in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area and after many years, it was a job that I found unfulfilling yet still loved and yearned for the creative side of it. In my early 30's I found myself involved with horses. My girls and I all rode together which was a very special bonding experience and time in our lives. As the horse addiction, and obsession grew, I found myself competing pretty heavily in the Dressage discipline which is a discipline that requires hours and hours of countless training, dedication and the perfection of executing moves. A commitment of excellence no doubt.

In 2006 I started an online website called Custom Equine Works which allowed me to express my creativity doing something that I loved to do and started creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for horse, rider and canine. I still run and own Custom Equine Works today.

Evensong Place came about in early 2012 when I was looking for a place of my own. After many months of trying to find the right fit, I came to a piece of humbled, unexpected property at the end of a very long rural tree'd road in the Black Forest. The minute I drove up to the magnificent gates, stone pillars, white fencing, giant blue spruce trees, towering ponderosa pines, a gorgeous, long, tree lined, shadowed, driveway, I knew this was the place. It was a warm August day when I came to this place out of nowhere, and walking the 5 meadowed acres with my realtor we were both speechless and in awe of the beauty that was surrounding us. It was perfectly quiet except for the birds chirping and the light rustle of wind through the tree tops. I actually said to my realtor, "this is crazy, I feel as if a blue bird should appear right here on my left shoulder singing Zip-a dee-do-da-day and Bambi and Thumper should be scurrying across the lawn!" We had a good laugh.

I went back to my rental and couldn't get this place out of my mind and thought, this is way too beautiful to just have to myself and it needs to be shared with others. Soooooo, this is how Evensong Place came to be.

Sunset I invite you all to visit and share with me this beauty, tranquility, intimate, serene, place. A gift from Mother Nature no doubt. And in case you are wondering how the name Evensong Place came about or means..... It means this......

Evensong, "evening song," is said or sung daily at most cathedrals. Essentially, it thanks God for the day just past and asks his protection during the coming night. It is a quiet, reflective set of prayers, songs and psalms, asking the worshipper to be still in spirit. I am very grateful to have such a place that is so dear to my heart.

One warm evening before the snows started to appear I sat out on the deck and glanced over at what I call "The Tree of Crosses" and looked up through the trees and gazed in awe at this beautiful sunset and sky changing colors before me and it was so surreal. I quietly thanked Him for bringing me to a place that has me moved beyond words everyday.

~ Lisa Brandman,